There’s one thing that you use, look at, and control weekly and that’s your thermostat. It could be the middle of a cold winter or an extremely hot summer, you’re going to be controlling your HVAC equipment with that trusty thermostat. Now thermostats have been around for a long time, in fact in the 1830s, Scottish chemist Andrew Ure developed the first thermostat designed to regulate the temperature for an entire room in an attempt to regulate the indoor temperature of textile mills.

We’ve come a long way since then, nowadays we have thermostats that connect to Wi-Fi, thermostats that you can program, ones that you can control from your phone, and plain ones that don’t do much of anything special at all, besides controlling the basic functions of your HVAC equipment. But to break it down more simply, some thermostats have batteries and ones that are hardwired to your furnace. “Hardwired” means that the power is coming directly from the furnace to create the power in the thermostat to work.

Even if your thermostat is hardwired there are going to be quite a few with battery backups in them. Today with this blog along with a video demonstration I wanted to teach you how to find your batteries in your thermostat, change them and place the thermostat back on its base on the wall.

What stops a lot of people from doing this, is that some thermostats can be kind of tough to get off the wall, people trying to do this might think they’re even breaking their device. But if you’re grabbing from the correct spot and with a little muscle it’ll pop right off the wall.After changing the batteries, you may have to reprogram some of the settings you customized since the device has been shut down. After getting the new batteries in you can place the device right back on the wall and you’re all done.

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