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Benefits of a Whole-House DehumidifierbyBrandon GuilesIn Michigan, we don’t experience dry heat like other parts of the country. When our Summers hit they come with a wave of humidity most times. So for homeowners that means keeping cool by using your Central AC System. Now I’ve done articles in the past on staying cool without an AC, but in this article, I’m talking about staying even “cooler” by adding a whole-house dehumidifier. A whole-house dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air in your home, both to increase comfort and reduce the risk of moisture-related issues in your houseDry-heat as mentioned above is heat with the absence of humidity. Many people can tolerate dry heat more than heat with humidity. 


BENEFITS OF DEHUMIDIFIERS: Comfort – Even if you have an appropriately sized AC, you may notice excess humidity in your home, which can hinder your AC. Removal of moisture makes your home more comfortable and feel cooler. 


Reduced Utility Bills – Like above your AC works harder if your home is full of that sticky humidity. With that whole-home humidifier removing that, your AC and electric bill will thank you! 


Protection from Excess Moisture – Excessively humid air in your home can cause bad things to happen in your home. Water, even in the vapor form can cause damage. 


HOW DO WHOLE-HOME DEHUMIDIFIERS WORK? First, the dehumidifier’s fan draws in air and blows it over cold compressors coils. Moisture condenses on the coils, which removes them from the air. The accumulated moisture drips into the reservoir, and the reheater restores the air to its original temperature before returning it to your home. Many dehumidifiers also include a humidistat, which allows you to customize the amount of humidity the unit removes from the air based on your preferences. 


OVERALL: Whole-House Dehumidifiers are a benefit to your comfort, energy bill, and Central AC. At All Seasons Heating and Cooling in Midland, MI, we provide free estimates and would love to have one of our professionally trained installers install one in your home. For more information, please call (989) 832-2752.

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