Winter in Michigan means your furnace is working overtime to keep up the heat in your home. Your furnace filter acts as protection for not only you but for your furnace as well. Below I’ll tell you what the benefits of having a clean filter are for your furnace and for you!

A lot of people might think they know what their furnace filters job is: to provide better indoor air quality for you. While that’s an added benefit, many people don’t know that it provides better air quality for your furnace, which in turn is just as important. Better air quality for your furnace means less stress on it. The dirtier the filter, the harder the system has to work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

If your filter looks like the one above it’s way past the time to change it, how often you should change your filter depends on what kind of filter you have. You should change a fiberglass or paper furnace filter every one to two months and should change or clean HEPA or Electrostatic filters every two to four months.

While changing or cleaning a filter isn’t a difficult task, if you’re uncomfortable with it be sure to give us a call. Having a licensed All Seasons HVAC professional change it, while changing that an All Seasons professional can check everything else on your furnace as well. Some of the benefits of having a clean furnace filter include:-INCREASED AIR QUALITY-PROLONGED FURNACE LIFE-REDUCED EXPOSURE TO DUST SPORES, BACTERIA, AND OTHER HARMFUL AIR CONTAMINANTSWith quite a few weeks left this winter, we want all of our customers to make sure that their filter is clean and their system is ready for those cold nights! Call All Seasons Heating and Cooling today at (989) 832-2752 and get someone out today!

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