Is It Too Late For A Furnace Tune Up?

Winter in Mid- Michigan has always had a deceptive end date. I think we’re all used to one week being sunny and in the ’40s-’50s and then the next week having to shovel and wear a winter coat. With the weather being as unpredictable as it is, it’s never too late to get your furnace tune-up. If your furnace is new or for example older (and lucky) you might have made it through the winter without even getting your furnace tune-up! Just know that doing that is putting more stress than needed on your furnace and your home in general. 

Having a Licensed All Season technician doing up your furnace every year, makes sure that your equipment isn’t working harder than it has to.So, since it’s Springtime, and Summer is right around the corner, you might think that you could wait until next season to get your furnace looked at, but all of us Michiganders know thatwe still have some cold nights ahead of us. With sunny days in the ’50s nights can still be kicking your furnace into over-time. With clogged filters or electrical parts working below requirement, it’s good to know your furnace is ready for the first snow after this coming summer.What all goes into a furnace tune-up?

Well, an All Seasons technician goes through all electrical components making sure everything is testing in range, he’ll also check the filter, flame sensor among other parts to ensure the furnace will heat. The technician will also check for cracks in your heat exchanger to ensure safety for your home. On top of all that the technician will clean your furnace inside and out, getting rid of all dust and dirt on your unit.Don’t get left out in the cold on that last cold night this spring season, have All Seasons out for a Spring Furnace Tune-Up!

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