Is Your Furnace Feeling The Love?

Valentine’s Day means candy, chocolate, and roses. It also means spending time with loved ones or treating yourself to something special. Your furnace is most likely the last thing on your mind this time of year (if you are lucky) but with it still being Michigan and the forecast calling for a low of 9 degrees it should stay on your mind. Is Your Furnace Heating the Holiday? That’s a question I think we don’t ask until it’s too late. While many plans are being set for Valentine’s Day, no one plans for an unexpected breakdown. So be prepared and get your furnace looked at. All Seasons offers this in a complete furnace tune-up. During furnace maintenance, our experienced technicians will: 

1.) Check all safety controls and test the start upcycle. 

2.) Ensure the heat exchanger is not damaged or corroded. 

3.) Inspect the air filter to determine whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. 

4.) Ensure the vent system and intake grilles are free from any blockages. Lubricate all the moving parts.

5.) Tighten all electrical connections and replace any damaged wiring. Inspect and calibrate the thermostat. 

6.) Clean any debris from the blower.

7.) Inspect the blower motor and ensure it has a proper current running through it. 

8.) Assess the belts, checking for signs of damage or cracks. Check the flame sensor and burner. 

9.) Ensure there are no leaks if you have a gas or oil furnace.


Getting professional help to ensure your furnace is running correctly is a great way to avoid any unwanted breakdowns. Most Americans spend over sixty percent of their time at home, so making sure that it’s a comfortable space has to be a priority. If you’ve gone through the checklist above you’ll see that apart from changing your filter there is a lot more to check on a furnace. We here at All Seasons not only want you and your family to have a safe and happy holiday but one you’ll feel comfortable on! Give us a call today at (989) 832-2752!

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