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Feel that, Michigan? That’s the warm air outside we so desperately miss during winter. Feel that, Michigan? That’s the too-warm-for-comfort air turning your home into a sweat lodge. Higher temperatures is good news for getting outside and partaking in one of the many great outdoor Michigan activities: going to the beach, bike riding, hiking a nature trail, late-night bonfire and more. However, the higher temperatures also mean the occasional retreat inside your home to cool off – and if the air conditioner isn’t working to its full capacity, that could mean you’re in for a long, sweaty summer. Maintaining an air conditioner so that you’re reaping its fullest effect isn’t as simple as flicking it on whenever it feels warm. And you shouldn’t just crank it all the way up. While that does boost the coolness of your home, it also boosts your electric bill and environmental impact – and it’s been known to worsen the effects for those with asthma, allergies and sinus problems. All Seasons has you covered with tips to make the most of your AC unit this summer; some of which are so easy, it’s a breeze! First, keep tabs on the unit outside periodically throughout the season. Occasionally, debris can pile up around it, affecting its flow – airflow problems can reduce the efficiency of the unit up to 15 percent. Take note of when you are typically turning the air conditioning on. If you hit that on switch in the morning before the house is already saturated with heat, it will be more effective because it won’t have to work as hard. Additionally, you should let it run all day. They’re designed to maintain temperature – continuously flipping it on and off means it’s trying to catch up with the temperature rather than maintain it. It’s definitely not the most efficient route. The cooler the house, the less energy the unit requires. You can help the unit work its magic better by making sure shades are closed when the sun is shining. Whatever you can do to cause less heat penetration in your home, the better. Even cooking up large feasts in the kitchen can make the unit have to work harder. You can also buttress your home’s defense against heat penetration by making sure you have adequate insulation in the attic and basement and all air leaks in windows and doors are sealed. Being proactive with your preparation is ultimately the best way for getting the most out of your air conditioner in summer. Much like you go to the doctor before a health problem arrives, have the unit checked out long before the dog days of summer are in full swing. We’re also happy to help anybody with their AC repair or problems – or in this case, making sure there won’t be any. Our monthly Service Club Members, for example, receive a critical once-a-year tune-up so that everything is in proper working order for the summer. The air conditioner can be your best friend come summertime – and friends look out for each other. Make sure you check in on it now rather than later.

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