Club Memberships; a Great Value for Little Investment

April 16, 2014


Furnace maintenance is the top way to boost a furnace or air conditioner’s longevity, performance, and efficiency.  Having an annual tune-up done on a furnace or air conditioner ensures that it’s clean of debris and dust, working effectively, and in safe operating order which could save as much as 30% a year in energy costs.  All Seasons Heating and Cooling offers two different options for clients to take advantage of a great deal on maintenance and emergency calls.

Club members receive one free 21 point tune-up and minor cleaning on their furnaces and air conditioners every year.  In depth cleanings such as pulling the blower motor or other leveled repairs are not included.  This yearly tune-up includes checking over all of the furnace parts such as; the electrical connections and components, checking the heat exchanger for cracks (which keeps your home safe from Carbon Monoxide), checking venting, gas pressures, ignition components, etc.  It also includes minor cleaning of the burners, the furnace and filter cabinets, the pilot assembly or ignition components, and the humidifier.  Air conditioner tune-ups check both the components at the furnace like the thermostat and evaporator coil, and the outside condenser, parts, and refrigerant levels.  Cleaning includes the evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser.

In addition to the value of the tune-up, Club Members also receive a reduced diagnostic rate on service calls.  Normal service rates range from 79.95-189.00 but our club members pay only $29.95, day or night, normal work day, weekends, or even holidays!  Plus they receive discount levelled repairs and discounts on filters and humidifier pads.  Our club member receive all of these benefit, plus priority service.  Club members are guaranteed service within 48hours and Club Plus members, service within 24 hours.

These benefits are all available at a low monthly rate.  Club members (for furnace only) pay just $11.95 per month.  Club Plus members (coverage on furnace AND air conditioner) is only $17.95 per month!  Different payment options are available to fit different customer needs.  Technicians have all of the details needed to complete your enrollment during any service or maintenance call.