Water Heaters for Midland, MI and Tri-Cities Homeowners

All Seasons Heating, Cooling & Insulation offers professional sales, service, and installation of water heaters to residents in Midland, MI, and the greater Tri-Cities area.

Types of Water Heaters

There are many different styles, makes, and models of water heaters. Natural draft water heaters are commonly used in traditionally built houses and have a metal chimney that goes from the top of the water heater out through the roof. A power vented hot water heater vents the chimney using plastic chimney pipe because it has a much lower exhaust temperature and higher efficiency. Electric water heaters don’t have any type of chimney attached. These can come in a lot of different sizes and heating capacities. Most residential houses will have a 30, 40, or even a 50-gallon sized water heater.

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Manufactured houses, or mobile homes, have a different style of water heater that must be installed to meet certain safety standards and building codes. The three different kinds that you may see are atmospheric, direct vent, or electric. Atmospheric water heaters are common in older homes. They are located on the outside of the house with access to them. Direct vent models will be located somewhere inside the house, possibly by the furnace or in a closet. This style of direct vent has a metal chimney that goes through the roof. It also draws its combustion air in from outside of the house through a special tube on the bottom of the water heater.

Common Water Heater Problems

If you are experiencing dirty or rusty looking water, this is caused by minerals that are building up in the tank to such a level that they begin to mix with the water that pours from your faucet. If you notice corrosion anywhere on the outside of the tank, the chances are that the interior of the tank is looking similar or even worse. If it seems as if you are running out of hot water at a faster rate than you had in the past, this can be due to rust building up on the bottom of the tank and taking away area in the tank that should have your hot water. If your hot water heater is making strange noises that it has not made in the past such as popping, crackling, or even tinging sounds, this can be caused by the buildup of material sitting at the bottom of the water tank. And perhaps the most noticeable problem is if you see water around the water tank. This is an indication the unit has finally gotten a hole all the way through.

Maintenance Tips

If properly maintained, most water heaters can last up to 10 years, whether they are powered by gas or electric. Simple steps can be taken to extend the life of a water heater and avoid costly problems, repairs, or even replacement. Not only will maintenance on your hot water heater increase its longevity, but it will also increase its efficiency, saving you money. The best maintenance tips to increase the life of your water heater are listed below.

  • Drain out a few gallons of water and check the anode rod. If it’s less than 0.5” thick or coated with build-up, it should be replaced.
  • Drain the remaining water and agitate the remains by spraying in some water from the cold-water supply. Repeat this process until the water comes out clean. Refill and turn the tank back on.
  • Insulate the pipes and the tank. Only cover the top if it’s electric. According to This Old House, adding insulation to both the water lines and the tank can reduce heat loss by up to 45 percent and can cut water heating costs by as much as 9 percent.

If you are experiencing any issues with your current water heater or would like to have a new one installed, call All Seasons Heating, Cooling & Insulation today!