Better Insulation Saves Money Annually

April 3, 2014


According to Energy Star sealing and insulating a home will not only save money but solve other common issues homeowners have as well.   Heating and cooling energy costs 50-70% of a home energy use.  Without proper insulation to keep the heat/cool air in place, that’s like money going right out the window!

Different types of insulation are used in different applications.  Having an appropriate insulation envelope for your home prevents cool air from entering through the basement or crawlspace and the warm air from leaving through the attic.  Properly insulating a home will also reduce outside noise, help to control humidity levels, will help to prevent ice dams, and can even cut down on pollen, dust, and other allergens that can enter the home.

Most homes built in the US do not have the correct amount of insulation.  According the Energy Star website, if all the air leaks in a home were added up, that would be like having a window open year round!  Adding insulation, even a small amount, will probably save you on your energy bills.  Plus rebates are available from Consumers Energy for increasing a home’s insulation the amount deemed appropriate for this region.