Highlights of Midland Michigan Weather by Season

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Midland, Michigan, enjoys a varying range of temperatures, humidity, wind and moisture throughout the year.

Spring in Midland Michigan

Local Weather in Midland, Michigan - All Seasons Heating and Cooling

Spring (March-May) starts out cool with the first part of March at the end of the cold season. Much of the spring season sees highs between the mid-50s and mid-60s, but humidity combined with lower temperatures often makes spring feel relatively cold and rain is fairly common. It’s warmer towards the end of May with temperatures in the low-70s as spring rolls into summer.


Summers (June-August) are typically mild, but can still get warm with high humidity that makes the area muggy. July and August are the warmest months with average highs in the 80s. Midland sees moderate rainfall during the summer season with little wind. In calmer months, humidity makes temperatures actually feel warmer than they are, so a well-functioning cooling system is important.


Fall (September-November) begins warm, but soon turns chilly. September temperatures still range in the 70s, but cools down into the 60s in October and the 50s in November. Humidity is still a factor and winds are higher during this season, so temperatures actually feel cooler than they are. There’s a fair amount of rainfall and snow is also a possibility, especially near the end of November when temperatures begin to drop as Midland enters its cold season.


Winters (December-February) can get relatively frigid in Midland and the surrounding areas, so a good heating system is vital. Average highs are typically in the 30s, and lows are often below freezing with the coldest days in the teens. Winter typically sees a noticeable amount of both rain and/or snow. Snowfall is a common occurrence throughout this season, and even into the beginning of spring.

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