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Between Tri-Cities’ proximity to Lake Huron and the seasonal temperature extremes, humidity control is a concern throughout the area. Moisture content in the air can vary greatly from season to season.

Indoor humidity levels can cause a variety of problems, ranging from furniture and home damage to health problems for family members living in the home. All Seasons Heating and Cooling offers effective humidity control solutions for year-round comfort.

Add Moisture with Humidifiers

Colder air holds less moisture than warmer air. While your heater raises the indoor air temperature during winter months, it does nothing to add moisture. Humidity also can be low during the summer, when air conditioning drains moisture out of the air.

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Humidifiers are as important to indoor climate control and comfort as heaters and air conditioners are. The effects of humidity are not as quickly apparent as those of air temperature, but humidifiers offer a number of benefits to you and your family.

  • Moist air feels warmer, which can result in lower heating bills.
  • Snoring can be caused by dry throats and sinus passages. Using a humidifier may reduce or eliminate snoring while it creates a more pleasant environment for sleep.
  • Humidifiers reduce risk of infections by making it harder for bacteria and viruses to spread. They also keep throats and nasal passages moist for quicker healing.

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Reduce Moisture with Dehumidifiers

Are you finding condensation on windows or noticing a damp, musty smell in the bathroom or basement? These are indicators that humidity levels are too high.

Excess moisture creates breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other irritants. If you or any members of your family suffer from asthma, allergies or other upper respiratory ailments, a dehumidifier reduces moisture buildup and eliminates most common allergy triggers.


Turn to All Seasons Heating and Cooling for Effective Humidity Control Solutions

Don’t go through another season suffering the effects of poor humidity levels. Now is the right time to contact All Seasons in Midland, Michigan and start enjoying the benefits of year-round comfort in your Tri-Cities home.