Studies by utility companies and independent universities show that an improperly maintained, dirty HVAC system can increase utility payments by as much as 40%.

All cooling units extract water from the air. When you combine water with a dark environment, some undesirable consequences may result. These potential consequences may include:

  • Drain pans can overflow from clogged drain lines due to the formation of slime, causing potentially expensive damage to property.
  • Water in the drip pans can support the growth of fungus, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
  • Contaminants found in drain pans can cause foul-smelling odors.
  • Retained water can cause corrosion and premature failure of the drain pan.

Pan Treatments provide dependable, sustained time-release protection and can be used safely in air conditioner drain pan. The pan treatment remains dormant when the drain pan is dry and will continue activating and deactivating as wet and dry conditions change. As it activates, it adds a light, pleasant scent to the air.

Replacement is best done by your heating and cooling contractor, as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Pan Treatments are installed in the condensate pan between the coil and the drain opening, and point away from the drain opening. The polyester skid-resistant sock absorbs water and keeps the pan treatment stationary in the pan.