Insulation – It Works Both Ways

July 20, 2016


Many people associate their home’s insulation as a major factor in the winter season. Effective insulation assists in keeping your home warm through a treacherous Michigan winter – but it’s also a factor in the summer.


Often overlooked, insulation isn’t solely keeping warm air inside but also keeping the cool air your air conditioner produces inside. When your house isn’t properly insulated, the warm air will follow you if you attempt a retreat from the heat and go inside.


When you believe you might need to install new insulation or buttress what you already have, don’t put it off until closer to winter. That new insulation can help you stay cooler and reduce your bills right now. On average, a well insulated home will cost 30% less to cool than one with inferior insulation.


It’s easier to tell that your insulation is lacking than you think, too. You definitely feel it and notice an uptick on your energy bill. After these two signs of poor insulation, dig into the problem and check out your insulation.


The attic is typically the most affected, as that’s where the sun is beaming down upon your home. Without proper insulation there, pervading heat becomes a major problem. The amount of insulation you need differs depending on the type of insulation that is installed. Since All Seasons Heating & Cooling prefers cellulose in the attic, we’ll use that as an example. When there is less than eight inches of cellulose, you don’t have enough. It’s typically recommended to have up to 14 inches of this type of insulation. At this thickness, it’ll efficiently trap the indoor environment inside the house.


Cellulose works by settling into its environment, creating a seal to trap the air. It basically becomes an insulation blanket, and covers areas other insulation types won’t. A properly insulated attic means it’ll become a barrier for your air-conditioned living space. It’s been found that cellulose reduces air infiltration by 38% compared to fiberglass insulation.


Additionally, the location of your ductwork should be considered when adding insulation. If it’s running through non-insulated areas of your home, and not already wrapped in insulation, make sure that becomes part of your to-do list. When the ducts aren’t insulated, they heat up in the summer and the air conditioner works extra, spurring monetary ascension.


Keeping your home effectively cool in a cost-savings measure doesn’t start and stop at the air conditioner. Insulation, even in the summer, is a major factor for the comfort of your home.


Insulation, especially cellulose, offers great long-term value and strong return on investment. All Seasons Heating and Cooling offers insulation solutions year-round, and commits to a whole-house approach. Without properly installed insulation, uncontrolled air infiltration accounts for nearly 30% of a home’s energy loss. Contact us at 989-832-2752 to learn more.