Eliminate 99% of Harmful Airborne Contaminants In Your Home with THE AIR SCRUBBER

Technology developed by NASA, these UV based devices are used in hospitals, daycares, and schools to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Protect your family’s health with The Air Scrubber by Academy Air.

Purifies the air in your home
Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Reduces dust particles, delivering relief to allergy sufferers
Helps protect those with asthma or allergy sufferers from other pollutants that can trigger respiratory issues and other possible health complications
Decreases exposure to bacteria and viruses (MRSA, C. Diff and E. coli for example) by reducing surface contamination by 99%
Can reduce the threat of outbreaks from the common cold and flu
Has been shown to help people sleep and feel better
And More!

How Does It Work?

The Air Scrubber works to clean the air and surfaces throughout your entire home. It is installed inside your home’s heating and cooling ductwork system. Once our team installs your new Air Scrubber, the UV bulb and ionizing technology work to reduce particles and allergens in your home.

It destroys the ability of viruses, bacteria, and mold to replicate by damaging their RNA and DNA thus destroying their ability to replicate themselves.

Further, the ionized particles work to clean the air much in the same way that massive electrical storms did in eons past to clear the sulfur from the air after millennia of volcanic activity. The charged particles attract and “clump” up harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOCs rendering them inert.

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