Get Your Furnace Ready For Fall

Fall time in Michigan is approaching us quickly which means our furnaces that we’ve been resting all Summer are about to kick on for the first time. Now depending on your home insulation and how fast the cold comes, you might not even notice your furnace kicking on for the first time, considering more than likely it would be at night. With high temperatures peaking every day in the Afternoon and dropping off every night we have to get our furnaces ready for that unexpected first kick-off (football Fall term for you). Listed below are some steps to get your furnace ready for the cold and to try and prevent a breakdown this season, and since it’s Fall and Football seasons let’s break these down in downs! 


FIRST DOWN: REPLACE YOUR FILTER A year can be a long time for a filter, and even though your furnace wasn’t running your central acsystem was still using it. Dirt, hair, dust, pet dander are all things that are icky and impacting theperformance of your airflow. Proper airflow is important for a furnace’s health and helps prevents amid-season breakdown. 


SECOND DOWN: MAKE SURE YOUR VENTS ARE CLEARED We’re back to talking about airflow and yes, it’s that important. Even if that couch is in the perfect spotin your living room, if it’s covering a vent, it’s hurting the airflow for your furnace and the overallhealth of it. Not to mention increasing your energy bill. Make sure your vents are cleared of any largeobjects (even heavy drapes) and make sure they’re open. 


THIRD DOWN: CHECK YOUR THERMOSTAT Thermostat’s range in type and connectivity so it’s a good idea to make sure yours is prepared for thecold nights. 


FOURTH DOWN: SCHEDULE A TUNE-UP It’s always good practice to schedule a Tune-Up with a licensed and trained All Seasons professional before the start of each Winter. This way not only are you sure your furnace will be ready to go but it’ll be given the best chance of avoiding a late-winter breakdown.

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