When Should I Replace My Central Ac Unit?

When Should I Replace My Central AC Unit? by Brandon Guiles While Central ACs are an expensive home investment, they aren’t designed to last forever. Matter of fact they are designed to last ten to fifteen years. Older ACs mean larger utility bills, more noise, and frustration with the cooling efficiency. All of us in the summertime are looking for reduced humidity, a huge factor in dealing with the summer heat. While routine maintenance can add life to your AC (through the All Seasons AC Tune-Up) eventually you’ll reach a point where you need to replace your Air Conditioning system. In this blog, I’ll be going over why and when you should replace your AC. 

LIFESPAN OF A UNIT With a 10-15 year expected lifespan of an AC Unit, it’s a huge factor to include in your yearly planning and budgeting. If yours is around that age range, having a replacement in your mindset can save you some frustration. Many older air conditioning units use R22, a refrigerant, which is being phased out over the next few years out to meet environmental protection regulations. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to service these systems due to regulations and R22 sources. Fixing these machines is EXPENSIVE and with the ages of a lot of them, we cannot guarantee performance after our repair is done. Heating and cooling your home accounts for almost half of your utility costs, so if you’re paying more than what you should be in your area, it’s time for a replacement.


SPEAKING OF COSTS You have a “when to start the AC system”, you aren’t reckless and leave it running even when you aren’t home, and you are still seeing your bill increase. That’s a good indication that your system is performing poorly. Another sign is the All Season’s bill going up with all the maintenance and repairs being done to it. Peace of mind is what everyone is looking for on hot summer days and nights. A new unit will not only give you that but you won’t be wincing every time that utility bill comes each month.


HUMIDITY ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE Your Air Conditioner is designed to remove humidity from the air because more humidity makes your home more uncomfortable. When your AC works correctly, you’ll notice less humidity and consistent temperature throughout the home. Having temperatures fluctuate and humidity in the home is a huge warning sign that your AC isn’t performing as it should. A new AC is a big investment, but don’t panic at having to come up with the money all upfront at All Seasons we offer to finance this project for qualified customers. 


OVERALL When considering a replacement for your central AC unit there are many things to factor into your decision. That’s why we’re here and what our mission is for you, our customers. We’re here to give expert advice and recommendations for all of your heating and cooling needs. With our FREE ESTIMATES, we’re here to show you all the options you have and the financing available to you. So please give us a call today and make your summer a little more comfortable.

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